Top Reasons to Cook with Firewood

Many people still use traditional stoves in their homes to cook their meals. Outdoor cooking with a wood grill is also still a very popular option for many homeowners today. Wood grills, of course, require firewood to function. Many people actually prefer certain types of firewood that is referred to as gourmet wood because they are particularly best used with cooking. Some examples of gourmet wood include fruit woods such as almond wood or apple wood. Smoking woods such as hickory and mesquite are also great options. Cooking over real firewood definitely offers some advantages of the more modern cooking methods. Here are some of the top reasons to cook with firewood.

The Flavor

Most experts argue that nothing beats the flavor that firewood smoke infuses into your food. In fact, a lot of popular restaurants today use firewood when they cook because they are believed to enhance the taste of a certain dish. Although using wood chips and a smoker box is thought to recreate this wood smoke flavor in food, many people still stand by using premium firewood products. Heat is distributed evenly and the smoky flavor gives any dish an extra dimension.

Natural Heating

Gas grills and other similar cooking equipment make use of chemicals in order to produce heat. Although it is completely safe today, there are still a lot of people who try to avoid using chemicals and prefer using a pure heat source. After all, cooking with firewood emits an extremely intense heat that is just as good as more modern fuel alternatives like gas grills or infrared burners.


In many countries, wood ovens are great for cooking pizza because they only take a couple of minutes before the pizza is cooked and ready, with an optimal crust: light and crispy outside but still soft inside. This is true for many other types of food. When fruits and vegetables are cooked using wood ovens and firewood, they are quickly cooked while still retaining essential nutrients and antioxidants that typically get depleted with more modern equipment. Cooking can even be done without the flame, just the retained heat that is kept inside the clay dome of the oven.